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Successful Self-Presentation

Hello Everybody. The offer is for YOU if you have finished the first year of your studies and would like to talk to and study together with international students from York University, Canada because you believe that your generation (who will soon take the lead in the world) is able to bring changes for a brighter future.

Your collaboration, with students from varied Asian countries growing in power, will be focused on the possibilities of implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in your countries.

There will be six meetings in the international group on Wednesdays (March 15-April 26) at 15.00. The introductory meeting will last 2 hours and the final webinar 3 hours.

You will have a pre-course, mid-course, and end-of-the-course meeting with your Polish guide at a convenient time. She will also be available for you at agreed times to discuss current issues.

You will be granted certificates by York University and AMU to attach to your higher education diploma and to give proof to your future employer that you have already had the experience of working in intercultural settings.

To enroll write to The number of places is limited. Enrollment will be done on the first come, first, go principle. Contact Danuta Furszpaniak by March 6.