Online language course guide

Find out about the requirements for participation in foreign language courses conducted via MICROSOFT TEAMS.

  • Make sure that your Internet connection is stable, and that your microphone is working –  camera is optional.
  • It is best to use a PC or a laptop during the classes.
  • Make sure that your wireless connection is also stable.
  • Check if your microphone and camera (optional) are working.
  • Adjust the sound settings to an optimal volume (not too loud, not too quiet).
  • For the time of class make sure that the acoustic conditions in the room are optimal (e.g. that the external noises are eliminated).
  • If the battery on your computer is low, plug your computer in.
  • Close all unnecessary apps or tabs which may slow down your computer or even cause disconnection from the meeting.
  • Remember your Office 365 login and password. Log into your Office 365 account.
  • Read the MS Teams Terms of use.
  • After typing in your email address, you will be given access to your Team by the language instructor / “Team Owner” and provided a status of either a “Guest” or a “Member” if you are an active AMU Intranet user. All “Guests” are advised to use a gmail account.
  • The language instructor / “Team Owner” sends an email with a link and the name of the Team where the language course will be conducted to all participants. It is a link to the Team, not to a particular meeting.
  • Before the first class, find the right Team and inform the language instructor via chat that you have been added to the Team successfully.
  • Installing the MS Teams App is advised instead of using
  • the browser version.
  • You can join the meeting (class) in three ways: 1. by clicking “join” in the particular Team. 2. by clicking the link from the invitation sent to your email before the class by the language instructor. 3. By clicking “join” in the MS Teams App Calendar – the meeting should be added to your calendar by the language instructor.
  • The language instructor opens the meeting, the participants need only to join it.