B2.1 Part 1

Title of the course:

Course in English B2.1 Part 1


Tomasz Kowalewski

Email address :


Number of hours:

30/semestr (1 lesson unit = 45 minutes)


Online MS Teams and AMU Moodle Platform

Language of instruction:


Required level to attend the course:



Latham-Koenig, C., Oxenden. C. & Chomacki, K. 2020.English File Upper-Intermediate - fourth edition. Student Book. Oxford University Press (OUP)

Lesson schedule:

Thursdays: 18.00-19.30 (2x45 minutes) (CEST, Warsaw Time, observe the change from summer to winter time on October 27, 2023)

Course Type:

General English, B2, topics based on the main coursebook and materials/quizzes prepared by the AMU Foreign Languages Teaching Centre.

Course Aims:

The course aims to foster the comprehensive development of all language skills at B2 (speaking, listening, reading), with a particular emphasis on communication. Students practice speaking in pairs, groups, and individually, expressing their opinions on topics from the textbook (utilizing learned vocabulary and grammatical structures). The course also guides students through the AMU Language Certificate B2.

Effective Learning Objectives:

After the first part of the course, the student actively uses grammatical forms that allow them to express themselves in a clear and well-structured way in everyday and academic contexts such as: question formation, future, present and narrative tenses, conditional forms, comparisons.

The student is familiar with and uses vocabulary, collocations, and idioms related to the course topics at level B2 relating to the following themes: workplace, medical care, modern trends, tourism, the natural environment, feelings/regrets.

The student can read and discuss complex articles related to the course topics with full comprehension as well as the student will have improved their listening skills at level B2.

The student expresses themselves and engages in reasoned discussions on topics introduced during the course at the level appropriate for level B2.

The student is acquainted with the form of the AMU Language Certificate B2.

Methods of work:

Discussions, working with texts, sound and/or video demonstrations, group/pair work.

Verification of knowledge/language skills:

Class participation (assigned tasks and speaking activities) and online tests.

Course Pricing

Number of lesson units per semester

5-8-student group

9-12-student group


950 PLN

700 PLN