Language proficiency certificate

Students of Bachelor and long-cycle Master programmes who enrol in the academic year 2013/2014 are obligated to pass the language proficiency exam at B2 level after completing the foreign language course for the particular programme. Students who passed the exam are entitled to the Language Proficiency Certificate.

Students who applied for exemption from the foreign language course and the language proficiency exam on the basis of an external language proficiency certificate are not entitled to this certificate.

Language Proficiency Certificate

The AMU Foreign Language Teaching Centre issues a paid Language Proficiency Certificate if the student passes the language proficiency exam. Issuing the certificate requires a fee of 20 PLN.

How to obtain the certificate?
1. Submit the application in the AMU Foreign Language Teaching Centre’s Office room 317 during the office hours or place it in the mailbox located next to the door to the Office (room 324).
2. Pay the issuing fee via USOS and email the Office about payment confirmation (

3. Wait for an email informing that the certificate is ready to be collected (no longer than 2 weeks after making the payment).

Contact person:

mgr Krzysztof Janczak,